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ryalor box

dale cliftonDear All,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dale Clifton and I have been an active trader since 1993. I had worked for two banks in Texas being a trader so I know what I am doing, believe me. There was a reason they hired me to manage their trading which was in the millions. This system consists of very accurate and easy to use tools that I will be explaining to you as you go along. It’s my pleasure to make this system known to the forex world so they can profit just like me…

The BEST thing about the Ryalor Profit System is that it works excellent with FOREX, BINARIES and STOCKS!

There are millions of traders in the world. Some of them have a difficulty knowing which system will fit them. Some traders only trade stocks and others trade forex and so on. Well the Ryalor Profit System will work for Forex, Binaries and Stocks.

The Ryalor Profit System comes with templates so all you need to do is load it which takes a second and all settings and colors will be optimal. You don’t need to adjust anything!

I am sharing one of my key forex solutions with you today because I feel every trader should has the right to profit for them self.

When I took the first 14 profitable trades, I was absolutely SHOCKED at how successful they were! All 14 trades had consecutive wins. Me and a friend Norman Leroy who worked for a broker in the UK decided to take another step into making sure EVERY trader should gets the Ryalor Profit System.

The Ryalor Profit System is so easy, If you know english and can read ALERTS, you’re all set. Yes, I am serious!

Let’s Take A Closer Look…

ryalor chart

Look at the chart above, this is what you will see. We have made sure that the original candlesticks are visible however, the main focus should actually be on the green and red candlesticks. The gray ones are to see where the actual market price is only. It is even possible to make the gray candlesticks invisible and ONLY focus on the main indicators.

Arrow Alerts

buy sell arrows

The arrows shown above or below the candlesticks are the ones you need to check to see the BUY or SELL signals. When you see a down arrow, you need to sell and when you see a up arrow, you need to buy. Simple as that… well if you want EVEN simpler, just follow the Alerts…

ryalor profits

Along with arrow alerts there will be AUDIO Alerts. This means that each time a signal has been found, you will be alerted by a sounds. The message will appear exactly like it shows above. In this case, it was a USD/JPY SELL Signal, so it showed the time frame where the signal was found and the exact time as well.

E-mail Alerts

Signals sent to your e-mail!…email alerts

SMS Alerts

Signals sent to your mobile phone…sms ryalor system

3 Simple Steps To Profiting!


Example Of Profitable Trades

GBP/USD -H1 gbpusd

This was a trade on t he GBP/USD that we took which ended up being in a +86 PIPS PROFIT. The Ryalor Profit System gave an accurate sell entry which was perfect. The same candle where the signal was given tanked down to +86 pips in a matter of minutes.

EUR/USD -H1 eurusd chart

Another impeccable signal given on the EUR/USD H1. This signal was a Sell and had gone down to a +95 PIPS PROFIT. The signal was very clean and the market did exactly as it predicted. As you can see the market went straight down.


The USD/CHF gave a highly profitable signal. This trade went +230 pips! This trade that you see was STILL profiting however, we felt that 230 pips was more than enough for one trade so we exited that trade. For those who like trading higher term charts, the Ryalor System can benefit you too.

USD/CAD -H4 usdcad

Another great BUY trade on USD/CAD which was still in progress. It reached +159 PIPS PROFIT. This trade went right up when the signal was given. Once again, this was a clean signal.


Q: I am a new trader, can I still benefit from this system?

A: Yes. Anyone can benefit from the Ryalor Profit System. If you can read arrows and english, you should be perfectly fine using this system.

Q: Which time frames can I use with the Ryalor System?

A: The Ryalor Profit System will work with any time frames. If you want suggestions, our personal favorites are M15, H1, H4 and D1.

Q: Is this a robot?

A: No, this system is not a robot. It is a manual system however, it is still a very easy manual system.

Q: Which currency pairs, symbols work best?

A: Any currency pair or symbol will work. It is suggested to use any of the major currency pairs if you want to keep your spread to a minimum.

Q: Will you help me install it if I need help?

A: Yes! We would be more than happy to walk you through the installation process.

Q: Is this a ONE-TIME purchase?

A: Yes! The Ryalor Profit System is a ONE-TIME purchase. You will never have to pay anything after. It will be yours forever.


– Overtrading

– Taking too many trades at a time

– Using too high lot sizes

Which Lot Size To Use?

This is a common question. The answer is relative. Most traders start with a smaller balance. So these type of traders should use a smaller lot size. Seasoned experienced traders can use a large lot size and still be perfectly fine.

From the DECADES of trading experience I have, I will tell you that its QUALITY over QUANTITY!

seal of approval

performanceperformance statement


4 days

Altogether over 13k dollars was made in just over 3 weeks



There are MILLIONS of traders with TRILLIONS of dollars being traded. It’s time to make it a point to be one of the WINNERS. Sound good enough to you? I bet it does!

limited time offer

Do Not Wait. Get Yours Now!

mongoose forex box



Color Identifiable


Very easy to use


Accurate BUY/SELL entries


Fits all styles of trading



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Secure your Ryalor Profit System With Confidence

100% satisfaction guaranteed

Refund Policy: We will refund you within 60 days should you request it. You have 60 days to use this system. Simply contact us within 60 days and we will refund your purchase NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

So, you might/might not buy this software today, ok. What I wanted to do was for you to not only have the Ryalor Profit System but to MAKE profits with it! Having the best indicator in the world is simply not enough unless you use it correctly. Its just like you have the BEST ingredients for making food but not knowing how to cook the dish properly.

Don’t waste anymore time, because this offer will not last forever!

Grab your copy for a one time small fee of only $87

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**You’ll receive the download link as soon as possible**

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Using the Bollinger band in 1-hour time frame

Indicators are often considered as blessings for new traders If you can learn to use the indicators in a proper way, you can easily avoid the false trade setups Sadly, the new traders are always making mistakes since they don’t know the proper way to execute a trade based on the indicators reading In fact, they use too many indicators with a hope to find great trades Though there are thousands of indicators which you can use, today we are going to discuss the Bollinger band indicator Some of you might say, you know the proper use of this indicator but hold on, there is a twist Instead of using the indicator in the daily time frame, we will learn to use it in the 1-hour time frame Once you read this article, you can easily execute high-quality trades using this technique Facts about 1-hour time frame
Before you start to trade the 1-hour time frame, you need to know some facts

Trading the 1-hour time frame is extremely risky and you need to be extremely precise with your trade execution.

Without having complete control over the emotions you are bound to lose money However, if you promise not to break any investment rules, you can easily make a huge profit by using the Bollinger band indicator in the 1-hour time frame Loading the indicators
If you load the Bollinger band in the indicator in the 1-hour time frame, you can easily spot the dynamic support and resistance level But spotting those levels is not enough to ensure your profit You have to rely on a simple price action confirmation signal to trade the upper and lower band Before you dig deep into the price action signal, make sure you never use the Bollinger band indicator trading strategy in the event of high impact news Most of the time the market tends to break above or below the dynamics levels on the event of such news Even the pro traders who prefer CFD trading at Saxo stay in the sidelines during such events Use of multiple candlestick patterns
Some of you might think, you need to use the price action confirmation signal to trade the major bands But do you really think this will help? If you trade the market by using the single candlestick pattern, chances are high you will lose money You need to use multiple candlesticks to spot the potential entry and exit point The pro traders prefer to use the bullish morning star and bearish even star pattern to trade the dynamic bands of this indicator Execution of the trade
Once you find the perfect trade setups at the dynamic levels of the Bollinger band indicator, you need to assess the risk-reward ratio Your first take profit level would be the mid-band of this indicator If the risk-reward ratio is less than 1:2 you should never execute the trade Remember, you are trading the market using the dynamic support and resistance level

So, the chances are high that the market will break the dynamic levels without any prior notice.

So, never trade the market with a 1:1 risk-reward ratio In fact, the pro traders in the United Kingdom prefer to trade with 1:3+ risk-reward ratio since it allows them to recover their losses very easily Dealing with the losing trades
Though the 1 hour Bollinger band indicator trading strategy is extremely profitable, still you need to prepare yourself face the losing trades Regardless of the market condition, you should never execute any trade with more than 2% risk Learn more about risk management policy since it will help you to make a profit in the long run

If possible, use multiple time frame analysis to find out the long term prevailing trend.

Execute the trade in favour of the market trend to reduce your risk factors 20

High Accuracy Bollinger Bands Forex Trading Strategy with Trend Edge Filter (7344) – Forex Online Trading University

Williams’ Percent Range
Many traders believe that Bollinger bands are an accurate indicator of market volatility
If the bands are wider, it means that a market is more volatile; while narrower bands mean that a market is more stable
Traders also look for Bollinger ‘squeezes’ and Bollinger ‘bounces’, which are used as indicators for levels of support and resistance
Squeezes – when the upper and lower band contract toward the moving average – could show that there is about to be a breakout of the asset’s price Conversely, bounces – which occur when the price movement hits the upper band and bounces back down – might be indicative of an upcoming retracement Trading NOTES DOWNLOAD these NON-REPAINT Tools For Making The Perfect Trade Entry ( the best trading tools all traders MUST HAVE ) Use a demo account or a small live account first to practice this trading system
However, just like other indicators, Bollinger bands are not always 100% accurate The information they provide should be used in conjunction with other forms of analysis How to install “ Bollinger Bands Forex Trading System with Trend Edge Filter “ Download TraderVersityCom-BollingerBandsTrendEdgeSystem (Zip File) Copy mq4 and ex4 files to your Metatrader Directory …/experts/indicators / Copy the “TraderVersityCom-BollingerBandsTrendEdgeSystemtpl” file (template) to your Metatrader Directory …/templates / Start or restart your Metatrader Client Select Chart and Timeframe where you want to test your forex system Right-click on your trading chart and hover on “Template” Move right to select TraderVersity

Com-BollingerBandsTrendEdgeSystem You will see “ Bollinger Bands Forex Trading System with Trend Edge Filter ” is available on your Chart
Bollinger Bands : Price break the upper band Trend Edge : Green signals SFET V PODVALE : Green signals Williams’ Percent Range : Upward and above level -55
Bollinger Bands : Price break the lower band Trend Edge : Red signals SFET V PODVALE : Red signals Williams’ Percent Range : Downward and below level -45
Trading NOTES Pros of Bollinger Bands
Bollinger bands can be useful indicators of a trend in a market – strong trends cause volatility, which is easy to see as the Bollinger bands widen and narrow.

When plotted automatically by a trading platform, Bollinger bands are very user-friendly and can add another dimension to chart analysis for a trader Cons of Bollinger Bands
As a lagging indicator, Bollinger bands can’t predict price patterns but instead, they follow current market movements This means that traders might not receive signals until the price movement is already underway
It is also worth noting that John Bollinger – the man who invented Bollinger bands – has said that they should be used in conjunction with other forms of technical analysis and that they are not fool-proof or fail-safe indicators of the market


Berger Paints: Classic Symmetrical Traingle with Bollinger Bands

Berger Paints Anticipated on 5th August 2019 In the daily chart, prices are moving up by closing above its previous day high especially after making a low near 300 levels Currently it is consolidating above the falling trend line which is a positive sign The stock was moving in a symmetrical triangle pattern in which price has given a bullish break along with it Bollinger bands is been used which has also started expanding giving an indication that prices are now headed for the next up move

From wave perspective, the stock have completed wave b at 300 levels in a form of symmetrical triangle and is now moving higher in wave c which is impulsive in nature.

Currently prices are consolidating within 330-340 levels The summation is, the stock is positively poised and can move higher till levels as far as


is protected down on Get link

Market trend scanner based on bollinger band stops.

Market trend scanner based on bollinger band stops 24 minutes ago Indicators
1 Use the bollinger bands indicator below

Give settings to scan many pairs – my mt4 has 70 pairs.

3 Scan markets in three timeframes, H1, H4, D1 but give option to enable one, two or three timeframes because I may want to scan 2 timeframes only sometimes eg Daily and H1 only without H4
4 Each timeframe has its own separate settings for the indicatorH4 will scan with different settings from H1 and D1
5 When all timeframes show same direction, give an alert
6 For the graphics

Indicator will show only one box per currency pair.

When all enabled time frames show downtrend, box change to red When all timeframes show uptrend, box change to green If no signal, box turns grey color
7 The indicator will continue to show red or green untill one timeframe changes


I have attached a similar scanner indicator which you can modify I also want the boxes to look like in the attached scanner
9 On the box, only show sell or buy and the current profit or loss since signal was made
I know many people will claim this job I will give priority to anyone who sends me a quick simple sample of the indicator Files:

Kate Bollinger – Talk About It (B-Side)

Kate Bollinger – Talk About It (B-Side) By – August 7, 2019
Kate Bollinger ‘s 2019 has been massive and she’s keeping things moving Fresh off releasing her new EP I Don’t Wanna Lose , Kate shares a ‘b-side’ of her track ‘Talk About It’ Kate says she initially wrote this song on a ukulele before fleshing it out with her band and another producer

With the band version already being released as the outro to the aforementioned EP, Kate decides to share the other version today.

Both versions sound great but have distinctly different sounds
Stream ‘Talk About It (B-Side)’ below TAGS

Bollinger Bands. How does it work?

Bollinger Bands is an indicator that sets the range of asset price movement It is built on the basis of three moving averages one in the middle and two others located the same distance from the first one Range width is calculated by the mathematical formula of standard deviation
Its coefficient may be set in the indicator settings The higher the coefficient the wider the range and the more infrequently the chart reaches borders
Period is a number of candlesticks used in the calculation of indicator parameters Increasing period smooth the corridor but does not guarantee an increase in indicator performance accuracy
Price behavior and Bollinger bands
When the price approaches or touches one of the lines, the probability of its movement shifts to the opposite direction
The breakdown of one of the lines signals probable trend movement towards the breakdown
The higher the volatility on the market the higher the corridor
Long term location of the indicator is in a narrow range Usually preceding upheaval in the market
The Bollinger Bands indicator is best used in combination with other indicators As by the time a strong trend takes place This indicator alone becomes ineffective
We highly encourage you to read our guides on how to trade using Bolliger Bands and pin bars and how to combine Bollinger Bands with RSI oscillator
We wish you successful trading on the IQ Option platform



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